About IZIDA / History

The Association for Protecting Mothers and Children

IZIDA, The Association for Protecting Mothers and Children is gathering people with or without various disabilities.

Its headquarters are in Feketic and its work is spread throughout the district of Mali Idos. Among our members there are people who are physically or mentally handicapped, sightless, hearing-impaired and some other as well together with healthy ones. The Association works in workshops. During them the members' communicative skills, manual skills are developed through the sense of a real community where they can experience tolerance, love and acceptance. This all happens without prejudice, with taking care of each other in order to make the days of disabled people happier.

The main aim of the Association is to integrate the disabled people into the society and their socialization. The Association has included both the healthy and the disabled children and young people into the integration process. It is highly demanding and we have noticed that our society still needs encouragement to accept the differences, and there are prejudices still present against those who are different. The Association has realized that it is a demanding goal but is strong in the decision that through continuous work the members’ inner quality and knowledge will be acknowledged by the others, too.

"Each and every disabled person has right to a full life, having the right conditions to feel honorued, strenghten self-consciousness and take part actively in the community."